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What is Interactive Video?

Sales Demonstrations

If you’ve ever had to demo your software you know that each client probably has a different set of requirements or pain points.

You need to adjust your demo to cover the needs of the potential client.

Interactive video allows the viewer to select the most appropriate version of your video content via onscreen buttons.


Audience Demographic

Imagine being able to show a different version of your video depending on who your audience is. A series of gated questions can direct the viewer to the most suitable version of your content.

Language and Territory

Imagine being able to allow your audience to choose the version of your video content that is in their own language.

Business Pain Points

Imagine being able to highight the relevant pain point for each of your customers and cutting straight to the content that matches their business need.

Video Training that engages

Imagine your viewers actually engaging with your content to aid knowledge transfer.

Maintain learner attention

Interactive videos can be designed to pause at convenient points so knowledge check questions can be asked.

Scenario-Based Training

Put your learners in realistic scenarios and ask what they would do in different situations. Your learners will get to see the consequence of their decisions as the video training progresses.

User Training

How many times have you watched a training video and a couple of minutes in your mind starts to wander?

Interactive videos can pause and ask the viewer what they would do in certain scenarios so they can see the consequence of their decisions and actions.

Or maybe you want to ask the viewer a question on what they’ve just seen in your video to check their understanding?

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Hello! We’re Vydli and we love designing, building and collaborating on digital-based training and presentations.

Whether you want a simple online knowledge base to help your customers understand how to best use your product/service, or you want a fully interactive video training portal we’ve got you covered.


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